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Call for Papers: International Journal of socio-legal analysis and Rural Development (IJSARD) eJournal

Submit by May 11, 2019


Submission for IJSARD (2019) Volume 4. Issue 2.

IJSARD POSTER vol 4 issue 2
IJSARD POSTER vol 4 issue 2

The Editorial Board of International Journal of socio-legal analysis and Rural Development (IJSARD) ISSN: 2455 4049 is inviting submissions for Vol.4 No. 2 from legal academicians, professionals and students.

International Journal of socio-legal analysis and Rural Development (IJSARD) ISSN: 2455 4049  is a peer-reviewed eJournal published by Sikshalaya Educational Society.



The Journal attempts to initiate and foster academic dialogue concerning the subjects of Law, Social Sciences with Socio-Legal aspects and Rural Development, Law and Sustainable Development, Environmental Laws keeping in mind a local and global perspective.

While we urge that Articles envisage a comparative perspective involving any legal regime, Articles which identify key contemporary national and international issues having weight in the field of Social Sciences with Soci-Legal aspects, Environmental Laws are also invited.

Manuscripts in the category of Notes must identify a specific issue related to Constitutional or Administrative law.

Again, we hearten that pertinent contemporary debates relating to policy and practice under the national and international regime be identified. We also invite Case Comments with respect to recent judgments of significance in the field aforementioned with a comparative analysis of precedents or issues in other legal regimes.


  1. Abstract: The manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 350 words.
  2. Word Limits: Please note that the word limit would be considered excluding the footnotes, except in cases where speaking footnotes are used.
  • Articles – Not exceeding 6000 (six thousand) words
  • Notes – Not exceeding 4000 (four thousand) words.
  • Case Comment – Not exceeding 3000 (three thousand) words.
  1. Citations: Citations shall be made in consonance with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th Edition).
  2. Formatting specifications: The manuscript must be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 with 1.5 Line Spacing.
  3. Language: The Journal shall follow British English.

The manuscript submitted should be original and unpublished.

Upon the selection of the article by the Editorial Board of IJSARD, the copyright of the article shall transfer to the Board when the author/s has been intimated about the choice.

Only after the selection of the paper by the Editorial Board a processing fee of Rs.700 for Single Authors and Rs.1200 for Co-authored (Maximum 1 Co-author) will be asked for the hard copy of the certificate of publication and courier.

Author/s may be asked to revise or resubmit the manuscript within a stipulated time. Upon re-submission of the manuscript, the author/s would be required to mention the suggestion made by the Editorial Board and the subsequent changes made by the author/s.

In case of an offer of publication from another journal for the submitted manuscript, the author/s may request an expedited review via a mail to ijsard.editor[at] gmail [dot] com with the details about the Journal which has extended the offer and the manuscript attached.

IJSARD POSTER vol 4 issue 2
IJSARD POSTER vol 4 issue 2



  1. The Author/s are required to email the manuscript to ijsard.editor[at] Gmail [dot] com
  2. The manuscript may be mailed in ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format.
  3. The subject of the mail must mention‘Submission for IJSARD (2019) Volume 4. Issue 2.
  4. The mail must be addressed to the ‘Board of Editors’ providing the name of the author/s with the name of the institution-affiliated/organisation and the contact details.
  5. A mail confirming the receipt of your manuscript and subsequently the acceptance of your manuscript for publication would be duly conveyed to the author/s through the email id mentioned on the Covering Letter of the manuscript.
  6. Last date for submission –May 11, 2019

In case of any clarifications, kindly send a mail to  for more Visit at

WWW.IJSARD.ORG  or contact Mr. Rahul Soni Mob:-+91-7976566977

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IJSARD Call for papers volume 4 issue 2 

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