International Journal of socio-legal analysis and Rural Development (IJSARD) ISSN: 2455 4049 is an Online quarterly peer reviewed international journal on ‘Law’ and ‘Rural Development’, published by Sikshalaya Educational Society. As the name suggests the journal will focus on the analysis of different laws for better understanding and research. The society needs the laws for proper functioning and thus the journal focuses to draw a special emphasis on various disciplines of social sciences, rural development and analysis of various aspects of law to improve the quality of research and explore the more realistic aspects of civilization’s sustainable developments. Establishing equilibrium between the society and law it will find the present and futuristic scope of growth and prosperity. Rural development is an essential part of a sustainable society.

The journal focuses on developing deep insight in the relevant fields. In this spirit, the journal’s main purpose is to publish outstanding articles related to the fields and spread knowledge by reaching out to maximum number of readers. Our aim is to make quality research accessible to all and in the process enrich our own knowledge banks.

The journal is an endeavor to promote high quality legal research. It aims to provide a highly readable and valuable addition to the literature which will serve as an indispensable reference tool for years to come. The coverage of the journal includes all new theoretical and experimental findings in the fields of law.

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